A New Year of Learning Together: 2015-2016

September is here, and with it comes the beginning of a new school year together. There are many wonderful things in store for us. We’ve planned out some lovely learning experiences for our students and have prepared spaces and materials to help them engage with important ideas from the New Testament Gospels, Early Modern History (1600-1850’s), and Chemistry.

This website and blog is a new creation to reflect the growth of our cooperative over the past few years. We hope that it gives you insight into the heart of our community. Our plan is to record some of our reflections and weekly recaps here on the blog, so that some of the resources we’ve gathered for our units of study will be easily accessible to our members and other home educators beyond our group who are looking to bring together ideas for their own families.

Wherever you’re at as we approach this new year of learning, we pray for your families to be blessed with eager and attentive learners, fruitful academic explorations, and lessons that will grow both the heart and mind.

(a few photos of some of our spring activities from last year)



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